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The Little Star Club

The Little Stars Club

Our Pre-School Club classes follow the award winning Relax Kids “Little Stars” programme which brings a unique 7 step approach to mindfulness. These classes are aimed at children aged 3-5 and can be delivered in early years settings, including nurseries, pre-schools and reception classes.

The Pre-School Club sessions are very similar to our Kids Club sessions, however these have been adapted to be shorter and more age appropriate.  The duration of the classes tend to be around 30 minutes and help tackle hyperactivity, anxiety, tantrums and sleeping problems.

  • Movement, dance and singing, which allow children to express themselves freely
  • Relaxation games which allow them to interact, share and communicate
  • Stretching and breathing exercises, to build self-awareness and restore calm to the nervous system
  • Peer massage, encouraging children to interact in a kind way to each other
  • Positive affirmations to develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence
  • Relaxations/visualisations, allowing the children to explore their imagination