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About Us

Who We Are And What We Do

Welcome to The Mindfulness Club.

Our club was set up during the first lockdown of 2020 after identifying a growing need for more accessible well-being services targeted at helping children and families cope with the effects of increased online activities, academic pressure, home-schooling and general daily life.

As with many parents around the world, our coaches were struggling to manage their own children’s emotions so they started to research ways in which they could bring some calm and balance into their lives. This is when they came across the child focussed mindfulness training programme offered by Relax Kids, an award winning, leading expert in this field. Our coaches completed their Relax Kids training in 2020 and having seen the amazing impact the training techniques had on their own families, they decided to create “The Mindfulness Club”.

The classes run by The Mindfulness Club coaches are aimed at supporting and encouraging emotional health and building and improving resilience, self-esteem, positivity and gratitude.

The result - children and families leave our classes better able to communicate and understand their feelings and emotions and ready to tackle life’s inevitable challenges.

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